Sexual Harassment Training Course

In today’s world businesses need to protect their employees and customers from sexual harassment. The mandate for this comes not only from the government, who has put in place legislation that puts the responsibility on employers to implement policies and actively prevent discrimination, abuse and sexual harassment in the workplace but modern work forces themselves insist on corporate responsibility.  Employees are more likely to work efficiently and effectively if they feel satisfied in their position. In order to achieve maximum job satisfaction employees need to feel that they are working in a safe environment. Therefore, it is in the best interest of every company to ensure that its employees are protected from abuses, discrimination and harassment.

Griffin Training can help make this a reality. We can help a company implement a policy, and train employees to understand the issues surrounding harassment in the workplace. Our training programmes focus on preventing harassment in the workplace, helping employees understand what constitutes sexual harassment and how to respect and value all employees. We also assist employees who are feeling harassed in the workplace to direct their concerns through the proper channels and thereby bring it to the company’s attention so that a company may deal with the issue in a fitting manner.


  • Identify behaviour that can constitute harassment
  • Prevent harassment in the workplace
  • Assist employees to report harassment to the proper personal
  • Value employees equally
  • Build a positive team spirit to counter harassment


  • Legal implications of sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Definitions of workplace harassment
  • Avoiding sexual harassment
  • Practical implications of harassment in the workplace