Performance Management and Appraisal Techniques Training Course

A vital tool used by managers around the world to develop and improve the effectiveness of an organisation’s workforce is that of performance management and staff appraisal. By utilizing a proper system of staff appraisal a company can bolster staff productivity and performance. Staff who are subject to performance management reviews and regular appraisals are made fully aware of what is expected of them, how their performance is to be assess as well as what incentives and rewards are available to them. In this way staff are more likely to feel valued and therefore perform better.  A company needs the proper techniques in order to maximise on staff appraisal systems. This course is designed to assist participants to implement and maintain an effective appraisal system.


  • To understand the importance of performance management and correct appraisal techniques
  • To understand how staff respond to performance management and appraisal programmes
  • To develop the necessary skills to implement and manage a performance management and appraisal programme


  • The purpose of staff appraisal
  • Why should an organisation bother?
  • Striving for openness
  • Combating negative anxiety related to performance appraisal
  • The 360 degree appraisal
  • Alternative appraisal techniques
  • Implementing appraisal systems
  • Conducting appraisal meetings
  • Evaluation and Follow Up