Hotel, Catering, Retail and Service Industry Customer Care Training Course

In the hotel, catering, retail and service industry staff are constantly interacting directly with customers and clients. From interacting with the reception desk, floor staff, bar staff, to waiters, waitresses, stewards and stewardess or simply the retail sales assistance, clients gains a lasting impression about an organisation. If staff are inadequate, inept, or in any way rude, weather meaning to or not, the organisation’s customers will be negatively affected. These “frontline” staff need the best training possible in order to provide the best service to an organisation’s customers. Staff who deal with customers face-to-face need to understand the basics of customer service and care, communication, business etiquette, intercultural interaction and how to deal with difficult or irate customers. This course is perfect for frontline staff as it provides the basics of all of the above with a very heavy practical focus.


  • To gain the skills necessary to deal with customers on a face-to-face basis
  • To understand the nature of customer service
  • To fully grasp business etiquette
  • To understand what is expected of frontline staff
  • To understand the complications of dealing with diverse cliental
  • To improve the effectiveness of frontline staff


  • An Introduction to Customer Service and Care
  • The Basics of Effective Communication
  • Advanced Communication Techniques
  • Face to Face Communication
  • Verbal Communication
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • The Barriers to Effective Communication
  • How To avoid Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Business Etiquette for Service Staff
  • The Basics of Intercultural Interaction
  • The Irate Customer
  • Basic Calming Techniques
  • Advanced Calming Techniques
  • Strategies to Approach Irate Customers
  • Practical Means of Providing the Best Service